Mass Communication Via SMS

With global Mobile Subscribers expecting to hit 4 billion at the end of 2008 (according to an ITU Statistics report), SMS has become practical medium for businesses to communicate with their customers effectively and cost efficiently. SMS Marketing allows business to keep in touch with their most important commodity – their customers. This is very important especially in the current challenging economic environment where business will take every opportunity to keep the communication link with their customers active.

SMS Marketing service is not only limited to business. It can also be used by Individuals for notifications of a personal nature to friends and family, allowing one to provide updates and keep in touch.

SMS Marketing can be used to communicate:

Product & Services Launch

News of a new product or service will let customers know that a business is active, which would only mean that the product and service offered must be well accepted. This would trigger interest and generate customer enquiries, which opens up a sales opportunity.

Festive Greetings

Festive greetings to business customers via SMS provides a personal touch. SMS Marketing facilities will allow businesses to easily reach a large group of contacts without the hassle of sending individual messages the conventional way. What more, with the ability to schedule message sending, greetings can be planned ahead of time.

Invites & Reminders

Businesses can invite customers to company events or participated exhibitions. Follow up SMS can also be sent as a reminder to increase the turn up rate, providing higher sales opportunities.

Promotional Offer

Notify customers and provide higher visibility of promotions that are being conducted, enhancing the success of activities that are being conducted.

Notification Service

Notify customers of change of address, scheduled service maintenance, service notifications and any other important announcements. This will keep customers well informed and assist the customer servicing department.

Personal Messages

Individuals can send messages to circle of friends and family easily with a touch of a button. Dinner invites, group activities and news notification are some example of personal communication that can be sent via SMS.