Major Revenue Potential

Location Based Services (LBS) revenues are forecasted to hit annual global revenue of USD$13.3 billion by 2013, according to a report from ABI Research. This is slightly more than 25 times the estimated LBS revenue in 2007 (USD$515 million). There is much revenue potential in this area for Mobile Operators after the slow start when LBS were first introduced. This is partially contributed by the fact that current mobile subscribers are looking for more mobile services to subscribe to and more businesses are riding on mobile technology as a service delivery platform. Furthermore, the advancement of mobile device technology has made mobile devices easily available cost wise to the general public.

Some of the location based services that can be attractive to both individuals and enterprise:

Directory Service

Mobile subscribers can request for directory information such as the closest gas station or hospital from where they are located. Mobile Operator can have an additional revenue generation source by charging enterprises to list their business in the directory service. With GPS enabled phones, a location map with directions to the destination can also be requested.

Family Finder

It is a norm for teenagers to have mobile phones nowadays. With ever busy schedules of working parents and increasing amount of school activities for teenagers, LBS can be a service used by parents and guardians to easily keep track of kid’s movements.

Tourist Information

Audio or Visual commentary clips can be made available by the Tourism agencies for popular tourist destinations. Tourists can request for the audio visual clip and based on their current location, the appropriate contents are pushed to their mobile phone.

Logistic Tracking

Businesses that has fleet of vehicles or resources whom are spread out logistically in conducting daily operations can monitor the fleets movement using LBS. Combined with GPS based tracking mechanism, a graphical map can be used for visuals as well.

Public Message Broadcast

Government agencies or the local authorities can implement Public Message broadcasting to a certain area where mobile subscribers can be notified for example of emergencies and alerts around a particular area.

Targeted Advertising

Retail Businesses can push information to their members or customers whom are around the area to inform them of the latest promotion and offers. Mobile Discount vouchers can also be sent to encourage members and customers to pay a visit to the outlet.

Looking at the many different innovative and interesting activities that can be launched with location based technology, our Mocean LBS solution allows Mobile Operators to easily launch Location Based Services and capture the potential revenues.