What is Mocean LMD?

Local Mobile Data for Roamers (LMD) is a solution that enables local breakout for mobile network operators to offer alternative mobile data service to inbound roamers. With the solution, the inbound roamers can subscribe to the mobile data service without having to change their SIM cards. This means that they can make and receive phone calls and SMS through their original phone number while still able to consume cheaper mobile data.

Capturing Inbound Roamers' Revenues

Roaming data has been so prohibitively expensive that a lot of the roamers just switch off data while roaming. Some of them may purchase local SIM card or look for Wi-Fi hotspots to go online but this is inconvenient to the subscribers. Mocean LMD is a flexible platform that allows Mobile Operators to offer cheaper mobile data service for inbound roamers. By providing this service, mobile network operators are able to attract inbound roamers to roam into their network and increase revenue from both the data and also voice usage.

Some of the key benefits of using Mocean Local Mobile Data (LMD)


Subscribers/Inbound Roamers

Mobile Network Operators

Lower data charges

   - Pay less than the usual roaming data charges
   - Smart phones are more useful with data
   - Attractive to inbound roamers
   - Extra revenue from inbound roamers

No change of SIM

   - No need for second handset of dual-SIM handset
   - Make & receive call/SMS from original phone numbers
   - Attractive to inbound roamers
   - Capture voice revenue from the inbound roamers

Pay-as-you-go / Prepaid model

   - Controlled usage & spending
   - No bill shock
   - Upfront cash


   - No need to carry two handsets
   - No need to look for Wi-Fi hotspots
   - Service differentiation to attract inbound roamers