Missing Mobile Phones

Mobile phone theft has been on the increase globally. The statistics are quite alarming:

  • 2 million phones were stolen in UK in 2005 – a staggering average of one mobile phone every 12 seconds (CNET Australia)
  • 100,000 phones were reported lost in Malaysia in 2006 (The Star Online)
  • 200,000 phone thefts a year is reported in Australia (CNET Australia)
  • 1 mobile phone every 2 hours goes missing in Singapore (CNET Australia)

This are the reported figures and the actual amount can be much higher due to the amount of unreported incidents. Such a trend has created a nuisance to Mobile Subscribers. More often than not, the hassle of getting a new SIM card, re-entering contact details and inability to be contacted, troubles a subscriber more than the financial lost of the phone. As for Mobile Operators, Call Centre staff will be required to block SIM card and reissue new ones to the affected Mobile Subscribers, increasing operational cost and resources. To add on to that, with mobile subscription plans becoming more attractive (sometimes with free or discounted rate phones bundled in), there will be a possibility that the affected Mobile Subscriber may take that opportunity to switch to a competing Mobile Operator.

Therefore, Mobile Operators should take steps to discourage the stealing of Mobile Phones.