Roaming Subscriber

Travelling to different countries for business or personal reasons has become a norm with the easy availability and affordable cost of air travels. With this trend, Mobile Operators will see more mobile subscribers roaming into their network and their own subscribers roaming into other operator’s network as well. Mobile Operators should be looking at implementing Roamer Applications as an opportunity to increase revenue from this targeted group of roamers.

Welcome SMS and Bon Voyage SMS (to be referred to collectively as Welcome SMS) are immediate Roamer Applications that Mobile Operators can launch. Welcome SMS are messages that Mobile Operator sends to International subscribers that roams into the Mobile Operator’s network; while Bon Voyage SMS are messages that Mobile Operator sends to its own subscribers whom have went abroad and are roaming with an International Mobile Operator. These messages enable Mobile Operators to communicate with roamers, which provide a channel to promote available services to increase potential usage and revenues.

SMS Marketing can be used to communicate:
Own Subscribers

Provide a personalised communication touch to subscribers whom have gone overseas. Subscribers can be provided information on how to use normal Mobile Operator services (e.g. Voice Mail access & Call Back access) while roaming, ensuring continual service usage. Other useful information can also be provided to subscribers such as exchange rate and embassy contact. Other then continual service usage, these messages will assist Mobile Operator in keeping subscribers from churning.

Visiting Subscribers

Encourage and inform visiting subscribers on how to make calls and use other services. Visiting subscribers are very good revenue generators as they are very likely to make International calls and access other telecommunication services while they are here to communicate with either home or local contacts. Visiting subscribers can also be targeted for Mobile Advertisements (e.g. hotel discounts and tourist services), providing an additional revenue channel for Mobile Operators.

Mocean Welcome SMS solution provides Mobile Operators the capability to immediate communicate with inbound and outbound roamers.