Increasing Network SMS Capacity

In many mobile networks, a majority of SMS sent are successfully delivered within the first attempt. However, many SMSCs are still operating using traditional Store-and-Forward message processing mechanism. This results in non-efficient use of resources, reducing the network’s SMS handling capacity.

This is not a desirable outcome as:

  • It is costly to add more SMSCs
  • It is costly to add additional SS7 links that are required with the addition of SMSCs
  • A result of higher CAPEX and OPEX resulting in lower profits
  • There will be a bottleneck in adding more SMS Applications if capacity is not added, which in turn results in lower revenue from SMS services

Therefore, Mobile Operator will be in a Catch-22 situation where expenses will rise in order to add capacity but if that is not done, additional services cannot be launched easily. Looking at the huge revenue potential still available from SMS services (ABI Research indicated that the industry could be looking at USD$ 177 billion in global service revenue in 2013), Mobile Operators will need to find a balance between expenditure and enhancing service revenues. This is where Mocean SMS Router comes in and provides the ideal solution for the situation faced.