Mobile Interactive Services

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a GSM capability that Mobile Operators can use to launch interactive services to cater for their Mobile Subscribers. It is suitable to be used because of its simplicity in user interaction and its speed of interaction. This can be used as part of their customer retention strategy by creating subscriber stickiness with the availability of many innovative services.

Some example of services that Mobile Operators can launch using USSD is customer self-care services (e.g. Prepaid Credit Top Up, Prepaid Credit Transfer, Service Activation & Deactivation and Balance Enquiry), call back services, information retrieval services (e.g. Stock Quotes) and Mobile Commerce.

Some of the key benefits of using USSD
Interactive Nature

USSD provides the ability to have 2 way communications with the mobile subscribers, this provides for the ability to have services that requires interaction from the subscribers. Many innovative services can be introduced do to this.

Ease of Use

USSD services can be easily triggered using simple user entry and this trigger can be saved into the SIM card and can even be programmed into speed dial. Menu-based selection can be presented to mobile subscribers upon service trigger, providing quick and easy navigation.

Phone Independence

USSD is supported in nearly all GSM Phase II phones onwards. This basically means any phones that support Short Message Services, and this would be majority, if not all, the phone currently being used. USSD also do not require any programming or modification to the SIM cards that are being used by the subscriber, allowing Mobile Operators to introduce this service transparently into the network.

Efficient Network Management

Comparing to conventional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based services, USSD would not be using and holding up voice circuits, reducing network costs. Successful implementation of a USSD gateway can also be used to provide HLR offload.

Virtual Home Environment

USSD enables services to be accessed in the same manner by the subscribers even if they are roaming in another country. This provides familiarity to subscribers, encouraging service use no matter where they are.

With such benefits in mind, Mobile Operators should invest in a powerful yet flexible USSD solution and start providing such services to its Mobile Subscribers. Mocean USSD Gateway provides Mobile Operators with the ability to do just that.