Mocean A2P SMSC Key Features

Mocean A2P SMSC has all the required features for a A2P SMS Provider to run Short Message Service efficiently and profitably in their network. To share some of the key features of our A2P SMSC solution:

  • Mobile Network Interface Ready

    Mocean A2P SMSC has SS7 and SIGTRAN interface support, ready to be implemented in any GSM network immediately. Protocol stacks supported includes MAP (ETSI Document TS 100 974 v7.11.0 or 3GPP TS 29.002), TCAP ITU-T (Q771–775), SCCP (ITU-T Q.711-Q.719), M2PA (IETF RFC 4165), M3UA (IETF RFC 4666) & SUA (IETF RFC 3868).

  • TCP/IP Client Server Protocol Support

    Mocean A2P SMSC support Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP). This allows A2P SMS Providers to easily create SMS based services (e.g. Competition Voting, Information Services and Notification Services) or open up service creation to Content Providers. Additional revenue streams can be generated with such services. Other TCP/IP client-server protocol support can easily be added into the platform.

  • Reporting

    Mocean A2P SMSC comes equipped with reporting functions that allows the A2P SMS Provider to have a overall view of the SMS traffic transactions going through the system. Operators can then optimise their network capacity planning activities.

  • User Friendly OA&M Interface

    Mocean A2P SMSC comes with easy to use GUI to allow the operations team to easily manage the system. This provides shorter learning curve and more importantly, lowering possibility of human errors. As the GUI is web based, it also makes it easier for the operations team to access it anywhere over a secure connection.

  • System Performance Monitoring

    Built in system monitoring capabilities provides status of system elements and traffic statistics for easy management. Alerts can also be sent out for notification purposes. The system can also optionally be integrated to external Network Monitoring system via SNMP, allowing A2P SMS Providers to have a consolidated monitoring platform.

  • Message Filtering

    Mocean A2P SMSC allows A2P SMS Providers to have better control over the SMS traffic going through its network with Message Filtering mechanisms. SMS messages can be filtered based on different criteria such as message contents, sender identification or receiver identification.

  • Billing System Interface

    The system captures transaction details and is able to send the Message Details Record to the A2P SMS Provider's billing system for further processing. Optionally, if customised integration to the billing system is required, this can be done.

  • Other Key Features

    Some other key features include:

    • Flexible Routing Capability
    • Multiple SMS Encoding Support
    • Message Throttling Capability
    • Configurable Retry & Re-route Mechanism
    • Account Based Profile Settings
    • Local SMSC Timestamp

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